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11/04/2020 - Anslow Practice and ODE CANCELLED

One Day Event

South Derbyshire 5 miles west of Burton on Trent

16/05/2020 - Thoresby Hall 2 Day Trial

Two Day Trial

South of Worksop, near Perlethorpe, about 1 mile off A614

06/06/2020 - Locko Park Two Day Trial

Two Day Trial

East of Derby about 3miles north of the A52 exit for Spondon

04/07/2020 - Frickley Park Two Day Trial

Two Day Trial

South Yorkshire about 5 miles from junction 37 of A1

01/08/2020 - Onley Grounds CLUB Two Day Event

Two Day Trial

Home of the Rugby Polo Club, On the A45 just south of the M45

01/08/2020 - Onley Grounds REGIONAL Two Day Event

Two Day Trial

Home of the Rugby Polo Club, On the A45 just south of the M45

05/09/2020 - Onley Club Championships

Two Day TrialSingle

Onley Grounds Farm is beside A45 just south of M45 on the grounds of the Rugby Polo Club

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Latest News

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Update March 20th

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03/10/2019 - Southwell Ploughing Match Display
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10/09/2019 - Bywell Report
MC members at the Championships, by Wendy Nix

16/08/2019 - New Points League
Updated points have been added to cover the first 4 club events.

16/08/2019 - Onley 2019 Report
A summary of the results from MC's Regional and club events held at Onley Grounds. Report penned by Wendy Nix.

16/08/2019 - Young Drivers Report
A review of the Young Drivers championships recently held at MC, written by Wendy Nix

12/07/2019 - 2019 Points League
The points league for MC members has been updated to include the first three events.